Where do I find Comodo skins?

And how to install them.
This thing is ugly as hell.

Well, not a good start.I’m not gonna tell you, because of your attitude, which is really the ugly thing here.

De gustibus… ;D

Here you have some skins. Just copy what you like in themes folder in Comodo instalation path and change it from More…-Settings-Themes

Right, but there are many ways to ask something like that.Whatever…

I’m so glad I saw this thread and your post, Burebista. I didn’t know there WERE other themes for Comodo. I’m finding the bright red of CIS4’s new GUI a bit too bright for my aging eyes. So I D/L’d one of the softer blue themes and set it up with your easy instructions. Thanks much.

The author of the blue and black skins have done the same work with more skins. now he have done more colors Themepack2 is the file. See if you like.

Thanks DiSP. I’ll D/L and try some others as well. I’m finding the blue very easy on the eyes.