where did the remembered files go?

i’ve remembered lot’s of exe from my office server apps. and where did they go? they’re not in Defense+ app rule. and i still can use the apps without get any pop up ???
what if someday i wanna “block” something that has been accidentally allowed ???


D+ ‘My Own Safe Files’ maybe?

??? my own safe files list is empty. they was in “my pending files”, but i removed them from submit list

they go to the registry (WinXp):

Today CFP without any questions blocked my old shortcut manager which is “trusted application” and “already in safe list”, but same time i found in the registry that “tc.exe” is ISOLATED ???
(free registry editor will be good extention for CPF ;D )

that’s interesting: comodo registry keys is “protected”, all monitors on, HIPS “normal”, D+ “clean PC” but i just killed “isolated” entry for tc.exe and after reboot all my shortcuts works fine again…

Let’s hope these issues get ironed out in future updates… :slight_smile:

hi guys, just wanna clear the misunderstanding (:TNG)
i think every remembered apps went to app rule. i’,m so silly that i can’t find the app. (:SHY)