Where did the AV come from?

I have another AV software running (with realtime protection), and when I installed Comodo Internet Security, I installed only the firewall and Defense+ with maximum security. Since the last few days, every time I shut down, I would get a BSOD, with nothing particular written so as to understand the problem, though it did have the following stuff written at the bottom - 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x8066575B, 0xF78C2BD0, 0xF78C28CC). I would have to manually press the power button till the CPU shut down. Today I was looking at the options in CIS, and I found one in the main “Miscellaneous” tab, called “Diagnostics”. I clicked, and it did some kind of checking and said there were problems and would I like to fix them, so I clicked yes and it fixed whatever problems there were. I later rebooted, and surprisingly, I didn’t get a BSOD (which I also got during reboots). Later when I went to Defense+ to unblock a folder I usually block, I found that the whole list was empty, that the Diagnostics tool had wiped out all settings and everything. So I had to open the forum page again and set the options for Firewall and Defense+. It was at this time that I noticed that in the system tray of Windows, when I right-clicked the CIS icon, at the top where there were earlier only two options of Firewall Security Level and Defense+ Security Level, there was now another one, right at the top, which said Antivirus Security Level, and it was set to Stateful. I immediately disabled it, and found a guide here about disabling the AV, by going to the main Antivirus tab and setting the Scanner Settings to Disabled.

What I’d like to ask is, I never installed the AV during setup, and I don’t remember seeing anything related to the AV earlier, so how come it has popped up now? Has the AV engine or whatever got installed when I ran the Diagnostics? And how do I get rid of the whole AV thing? Is setting the slider to Disabled in the Scanner Settings enough?


It’s odd that you don’t see the AV in the main screen and it shows up in the tray menu.

Run the uninstaller and choose add/remove and see if it gives the possibility to remove the av.

I’m not sure now if the AV tab in the main window wasn’t there, but what I do know for sure is that there was definitely no such thing in the right-click option of the system tray icon.

Will I have to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing again?

You can use the uninstaller to uninstall the AV if you want to. You don’t need to completely uninstall the suite for this.