Where did it go?

I’ve been a big fan and user of Comodo firewall for a long time, so I was most disappointed when I upgraded to Vista and found that Comodo was no longer compatible. I limped on with the Windows firewall, eagerly keeping an eye on the forums for the release of the Vista compatible version. I downloaded one of the late betas, but when it broke my printer sharing, and my wife shouted at me ! I relictantly uninstalled it.

I was beside myself with excitement when the final version was released, and promptly installed it…I quickly uninstalled it when my computer fatally locked up on the next reboot, although I did no troubleshooting at this time, I suspect that the real culprit may have been Counterspy, but Comodo bore the brunt of my frustration and was promptly banished.

Last week, after finally deciding that I HAD to have a firewall (although I am behind a hardware firewall, I am paranoid…) I checked the Comodo site again, and found that there was an updated version of the firewall available. I took a deep breath, and installed it. Since doing so, two things have sprung to mind…

  1. Wow! What a GREAT product! The beta I tried was as you would expect with a beta - the display didn’t fit properly…other minor annoyances. The release version didn’t really get a chance to show it’s wares. But the current release version is BRILLIANT. It works flawlessly so far…no system lockups or slowdowns. I’m really impressed, and grateful to you guys for providing such a great, free product. It looks good ( ALLelements fit onto all screens, even with my system running the ‘large fonts’ display setting), works well, provides a wealth of information if you want to dig a bit. I really like the pre-trusted applications feature. I like to see everything happening on my PC, so sometimes this can get a bit confusing. Having the built-in advice as to what applications are known to be trusted is particularly helpful.

  2. Where did it all go? The release version I downloaded (that locked up my PC) was a whopping 32 megabytes. The version I downloaded the other day was only 9. I don’t know what you left out, but my system certainly seemed to appreciate it.

Anyway, thanks again for a great free product. I am an I.T. pro by trade, and you can bet I will be spreading the word about Comodo.


Gerry Locke

Hey Gerry,

Thanks for those kind words - the code monkeys at Comodo have really pulled one out of the hat this time. It is very different and it can take a bit of time to get your head around the way it works, but it really is worth the effort in learning.

As for the reduced size, there’s nothing missing. The dev. lead (Egemen) rewrote the safelist DB part of the installer to achieve a phenomenal reduction in size while retaining all functionality and pertinent info.

CFP V3 still isn’t perfect ( no software is ), as is evidenced by the posts still occuring, but it is rapidly maturing and the wrinkles are getting ironed out.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

yeah, beats the ■■■■ out of every other firewall out there…