Where did DEP protection go?


I read that overflow DEP protection, which used to be available in some other tool, was rolled into Comodo Firewall. However, after installing Comodo Firewall, I see that my system is still vulnerable to Stack & Heap execution and Ret2Libc vulnerability according to BO Tester.

I have Comodo Firewall, Anti-Virus, and BO Clean installed.

PS. Why the ambiguity between naming BO Clean and BO Tester, two unrelated products. What does BO stand for in either instance? Hint: Most people still think “Back Orifice”.

I received an email notice that user: salmonela replied to this thread. The forum server has been flaky lately, so if you could please re-post, that’d be great.

BO(Clean) = Back Orifice

BO(Tester) = Buffer Overflow Tester

The BO (Buffer Overflow) protection is provided by CMF (Comodo Memory Firewall) not CFP (Comodo Firewall Pro).

Ewen :slight_smile: