Where can we submit a file?

Hello Kevin, just wondering, does’nt seem to be anywhere on Comodo site to submit a file for examination, is there anyway we can do that? Oh, don’t let the quality of BO Clean drop, I still don’t understand how Comodo can offer all free, of course I also question the quality, I know the quality of BOClean, just keep the quality there.

Welcome to the Comodo forums topmoxie.
Submissions are handled through email the same as before only the address has changed.
You can email them to: bocleansubmissions at comodo.com .
As usual, zip and password protect with “infected”.

How do you password protect a file , and I have 2 files, one I am not sure about, the other has beed flagged as trojan but I dont beleive it is, and can you write back and let me know
, about the files

Using the Windows zip function, alt click on the file in Windows Explorer, choose “send to a compressed (zipped) folder”.
Double click to open the zip file you just created. In the window displaying the contents of the zipped file, choose “file” from your tool bar at the top and then add password.