Where can I get v5.??

Hi all, new laptop with win8 and I would really like to install v5.xx.xxxx, as I am quite familiar with it.

The last v5.xx update on the old laptop showed that they had made changes to run with win8. I tried installing the v5.10 full installer that I had for the old laptop but I got a “Not for this Platform” error.

I need the latest incarnation of v5. Where can I get that file for x64?

I did some searching here and found inks to Filehorse but cannot find the free edition for x64.

Can anyone please help? I rally do not have the time to spend finding my way around v6 right now.


Here. ( Select a version).
For Win 8 - CIS 5.12

Thanks, but that shows the Premium version and I want the free version. That’s why I mentioned I had looked on Filehorse.

The premium version is the free version. That’s just what Comodo calls their free version.