Where can I get the old versions archive?


I would like to return to CIS 4.0…828 (the latest ver of 4.0 if I remember right).

How can I get the old versions?

Thanks ahead.

Here I think:

No… It uses Comodo server and Comodo always replace the versions with the same name, so it downloads 4.1…

Fortunately, I found 4.0.141842.828 installer on my computer. can someone verify that this is the version that fixed the ARP spoofing?


Yes, it’s in the release-notes here:

Thank you.

Does someone know if 3.14 protect against ARP spoofing?



Hi Liron Jan,

Yes 3.14 does protect against regular ARP spoofing, just not against this specific bug.
It’s only fixed in version 4.x like it states in the release-notes.