Where can I find the public key?

Hi everyone,

I recently requested a free email certificate and that all went well and is working fine. What I would like to do is to copy the certificate from my Windows 8 PC to my Mac and also just have it saved in case of a problem. I’ve managed export a .PFX file, with the private key, successfully and imported that into my Mac’s Keychain so the certificate and private key I have.

However, for the certificates I requested from my Mac came a separate public key entry and I’m not finding this on my PC. I gather the public key is encapsulated into the certificate itself so I’m sort of wondering if I need it saved at all. My gut feeling is that a separate public key is only needed to request the certificate in the first place and is useless thereafter.

Yet, I’m confused… so hopefully someone can straighten me out. :smiley: