Where Can I find Older Versions For CIS?

Does anyone know where I can find the free firewall version for 64 bit? FileHippo only has older versions for 32 bit systems, and I can’t find one for 64 bit that is not from a site that has malicious behavior. Thanks.

Hello, If you download CIS - During the installation you are given the option what to install. You don’t have to install the AV if you don’t want to.

Thanks…But I believe that it only gives you the option to install the newest version, which has major bugs in it for 64 bit systems.

That should be here:
By the way this is CFP not CIS :-))


Thank you Ronny…Sorry for the error.

Just when I found it I read “Warning - while you were reading a new reply has been posted. You may wish to review your post.” (:AGY)

Anyway I guess this is the one. I replaced cis with cfp and changed the version number. I successfully downloaded it but I can’t try it since I have 32 bit.


Your becoming slow LA (:WAV)

What reminds me that we should make a sticky for this, one post for all “old” versions ?

That’s because I browsed the Archive CFP v3 board just to realize that Egemen never posted release notes for :cry:

Hm, old versions, are you sure we should indirectly encourage usage of older (and less secure) versions by providing access to them? Probably not a big deal I guess, those who really look for older versions probably do so for a good reason. :-La

Thanks for the help, both of you, but the .exe files you both sent me were for the Pro version. I am looking for the Free version.

AFIK, that was called PRO then, but that did not reflect to the “Payed” version, that was introduced on 3.5 and higher…

Thanks…Installed, Running and Doing Fine…If you don’t know, the new free version won’t play well with other programs with a 64 bit system…see https://forums.comodo.com/firewall_bugs/commodo_upgrade_and_windows_vista-t34858.0.html I’ve already submitted it to Support and a ticket was issued (Ticket ID: DVM-698661).

It’s under dev’s attention but all extra info is welcome,

Can you please post what other Security software you have installed ?
I saw AVAST, any other realtime or on demand doesn’t matter.

There are report Ad-Aware and SpySweeper are causing blockings with this .471 version.

Avira Antivir Free (only one running real-time)
SuperAntiSpyware Free (latest version)
Ad-Aware 2008
Spybot Search and Destroy (latest version)


My pleasure…It’s the least I can do for having the best Firewall for free…And the nice people who are very helpful in this Forum. :BNC

Don’t use build 3.0.xxxx.368 or older, it has a bug that sometimes actions are allowed although you choose to block.