Where can I find old versions?

I have updated to 4.1.15 and had some problems with it. I uninstalled it and downloaded version 4.0.141842.828 from the link on this board on April 12th. However, when I installed it, I found it was version 4.1.15. I also downloaded 4.0.14 from a couple of other download sites, with the same result. When I installed, I had version 4.1.15. Where can I download version 4.0.14?

Sorry about the double posting.

I have downloaded 4.0.14 from FileHippo. However, I get 4.1.15. FileHippo says the file is 59.34MB. The file I download is 55.8MB. I have downloaded from FileHippo version 4.0.135239. This is 39.2MB which is correct. I can only assume that the file at FileHippo for 4.0.14 is the wrong one.