Where can I find license info?

Having just decide to update from competitive antivirus and firewall softwares, I’m looking at Comodo and wondering whether I should buy the Pro version or try the free. Yes, I have read the comparison chart and my wife can probably use the licensed Pro package; whereas I’m not sure I need the hand-holding and other features.

So: can we buy a family license? If we buy two Internet Security Pro" packs, can I run the same licensed package on my portable and my desktop (only one is in use at a time)?

Why is this message posted in the “Want to help Comodo” child forum?

  1. I couldn’t post in any of those with more relevant titles
  2. Maybe a “family pack” or multiple computer / single user pack would be a useful idea, so will post here…

Anyway, hope this helps. And any info on license and use would be much appreciated.