Where can I find Comodo Free Firewall v8?

v10 isn’t going to be ready for deployment any time soon by the looks of it, so I decided to put back v8. Where do I download it? Can’t find it on Comodo website; Google offers only 3rd party downloads, probably bundled with bloatware and/or viruses.

Please see the link below:

Thanks, yigido, but as I said in my first post I prefer to avoid warez sites. They all claim their downloads to be verified, virus-free etc, and they all put viruses, spyware, etc into their downloads - this is how they make money.

Comodo doesn’t offer old versions in their websites. Filehorse is suggested many times by moderators in the forum.
So It is safe to download on that site.
Just click on the button as shown in the screenshot. It is safe, and use an adblocker :wink:


Well, I’ll keep torrents and warez sites in mind as a last option, I guess… “Suggested by moderators” does not mean much these days. The Comodo cleanup tool suggested by moderators here does not work at all, for instance.

Okay, the aftermath of all this is that I decided to try another vendor while keeping an eye on this one in case it gets better. Had a real smooth run with Comodo for years until it all fell apart yesterday and lo: no way to recover. Can’t even downgrade. Pity.

it was released 3 days ago and update will probably be offered next week… just wondering how you jumped to such conclusion.

define “downgrade” and name vendors which allow it. curious.

The major issues was from upgrading through the internal installer, had everyone done a clean install by uninstalling and installing using the standalone installer they wouldn’t had any issues apart from the desktop icon issue which is minor. And if people didn’t want to lose their settings they could have exported their config and imported then activate after installing the new version.

While you have a point about doing a “Clean” install there is something else going on besides that. I was one that had major issue updating through the program ("Black Screen, 10 min to start if it did, CIS not starting, errors in event log…etc) so I nuked Comodo using Uninstall, Cleaner tools, and manually removed drivers, services, registry entries that were left over and reinstalled using the Standalone installer.

Low and behold I faced these same issues again on a clean install of version 10 when I rebooted. I don’t know if it’s typically Windows 7 64 bit related or bad code but with this many posts about it something is amiss.

I just downloaded Version 8 from a link in “yigido” post and will give that a go this week sometime if I can as I know that version works correctly as that’s what I had before this happened.


My virus scans shows nothing nefarious in that file and I"ll update this post if anything turns up.