Where can I download older versions?

Could anybody please direct me to where I can download older versions of CIS? I am particularly looking for version 3.8.65951.477, unfortunately the link on announcement post has been updated to point to the newer version:

Thank you.

maybe some download site like download.com ???
why do you want the older version? ???

edit: nope, no V3.8 on download.com
hmm, where should we look for it? 88)

Download.com has 3.9.xxx.507, and

3.8 is available at this link.

Please note the AV will not update any longer with 3.8

I need the older version because the newer one is causing a loop of BSOD’s
My dump analysis is here:

Thanks, but the version is not available for download at that link.
I also googled the version but couldn’t find it anywhere …

there is a loop BSOD fix coming out today

I tested this site. both x86 and 64-bit are available. DL version is: COMODO Internet Security 3.8.64263.468

This site, and this site has 3.8.65951.477, x32 version (use recommended DL link).

Thanks for the update! That is good to know, I am using windoze built-in firewall for the time being, can’t wait for the fix.

9down.com has 3.8.x.471 but not 477.

The other sites have the latest version; the files names are that of version 3.8.x.477 however the actual files are the latest version 3.9.x.508: same size (72MB) and same MD5 checksum.

I guess I’ll wait for a fix or downgrade to v471 if the fix is not out by the end of the day.
Thanks for your help.


Anybody? I am still looking for CIS 3.8.x.477.

Download locations:


Size: 32.6 MB (34,280,712 bytes)
MD5: a8f80d42e5b6db4dc9a14736d0b5af8c
SHA1: 189d89c10f4adf6e249883222d7adf0158128b95


Size: 46.5 MB (48,813,832 bytes)
MD5: a85f08d7498608f8f8e2fd6683af0954
SHA1: 1451573239d82c0a9334a882a9130d6d7a0334d4

Again, these are the wrong files. While the filename is 3.8.x.477, the actual file downloaded is the newest version 3.9.x.509. The same size (72MB) and the same MD5 MD5: 6f0110e28854142cfdc26572781d6534 checksum.
All the google results for this version also redirect to the newest 3.9 version.

Please, somebody from Comodo, can you provide a link to download 3.8.x.477, please!!!

Can You Check With This One uploadbox.com - uploadbox Resources and Information.

Thank you napsterz! It is the version I’ve been looking for with the correct MD5 checksum.

Thanks again, much appreciated.


You Are Always Welcome :slight_smile: