Where can I download BOCleaner in Comodo Internet Security Setup?

I’m sorry if I’m in the wrong section but I’ve been looking for the BOCleaner AntiMalware because I can’t find it in the BOCleaner section of the COMODO website…

The results of my research is that BOCleaner is installed in CIS 4 but when I installed it only the firewall, antivirus and HIPS (and that TrustConnect and HopSurf Toolbar) is in the setup (which I have already installed)…

Can you help me please…
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BOClean is part of the antivirus the signatures for BOClean are now included in the antivirus database.


Then, I don’t have to download cleaner anymore because BOCleaner is in COMODO AV already?


BOClean is now a part of Comodo AV, so yes, you don’t have any needed to get it since it is “inside” CIS’s AV.

I still have the stand alone BOClean 4.27
Will it continue to work?
I know it’s available within a larger suite, but COMODO has a much larger footprint than the one I’m using.

BoClean is no longer supported. In fact, signature updates for BoClean have not been released in well over a year. You can continue to use BoClean, however, it will only protect you against older threats and it may not be compatible with newer applications and newer operating systems.

The function of Boclean was integrated into the antivirus component of CIS.

Boclean is outdated. I would chose another program to help protect your computer (one that is being supported and updated regularly). I think CIS is one of the best. CIS uses very little system resources and has complete protection. Although, CIS does take up a lot of disk space.