Where are the settings held?


I work for an IT company in the education department. We are looking to use CTM to set up our classroom machines and I am looking at the management of the process.

I have managed to get CTM to auto-install using AutoIT but I now need to change some default settings. Specifically, I want to turn off the “Take a snapshot of the system on startup” and “Always ake a snapshot of the current system before restoring system”.

I need to do this as part of the installation, so it needs to be automated in some way. Whilst I could cuse AutoIT to script this, I’d prefer to just modify the registry, or wherever CTM stores these settings.

Can anyone advise me on where they are held, please?

Many thanks in advance.

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do you know who to make scripts? Maybe it would help if you create a scrips that disables that. CTM Online help

If CTM 2.8 is giving a hard time then download and use CTM 2.9b. I use for my personal computer and it’s very stable.

Valentin N