Where are the plug-ins / extensions?

Where can I find plugins, extensions, and or tool-bars to use with CD? Is there any url history? Example IE has a drop down menu…

I don’t use extensions most of the time but I believe that the Chrome extensions will work for Dragon. I know Chrome Themes do.


EDIT: I’ve tried a few and they are compatible with Comodo Dragon. :-TU

You know when you start comodo dragon, you see like 8 boxes. Look on the bottom of the page and you’ll see this

New! Comodo Dragon now has extensions and bookmark sync.
click on it :)

extensions are what makes firefox the #1 browser…when people talk about bloagting and firefox in the same sentence, it usually means the extensions…people try them, dont like them or use them, but then leave them…if you keep them to a minimum and the ones you truly want, firefox can’t be beat…i keep trying others, but i quckly go back to FF cuz of those handy add-ons…and free…cant believe the IE add-ons cost…

i don’t get 8 boxes…i get my home page of scroogle. nothing else. but i see the extensions in the drop down…guess thats where they are

the extensions either don’t work or are very incomplete…kind of worthless…

dragon seems very slow. is it just me?

v941726…You said;

“…if you keep them to a minimum and the ones you truly want, firefox can’t be beat…”

Apparently haven’t seen the latest hacking results. Firefox…well let’s just say it did better than IE would do. 88)


“the extensions either don’t work or are very incomplete…kind of worthless…”

How are they incompatible? ??? The only one I haven’t been able to make work is WOT and I really don’t need it anyway. Everything else I tried worked. “Worthless” isn’t the way I would describe this issue. Let us know your system specs and maybe that’ll help.

“dragon seems very slow. is it just me?”

Yes, apparently it’s just you. I haven’t heard any accounts of CD being slow at all. Again, if you provide us with some system specs maybe we could help you. :slight_smile:

freshly flushed and filled win7 t60. 4gb ram, 7200 rpm hd…

none of my extensions work fully…some even admit to not being ready in their descriptions…roboform for one. accepts my password, then try to use it and i have to re-enter it. its an endless loop…just playing around with most of them they seem incomplete or doa. wmp plug-in just doesnt do anything and was difficult to find…utorrent plug-in asks for a server…how would i know? there is no help to any of them…i’m just stating what i see…FF and IE run very fast…CD lags… d/l an 800k file takes a full minute or more…an extension in FF takes a fraction of a second…i could uninstall and re-install. havent tried that yet…but im just playing with it to see what its like…dont take this as bad mouthing, im just bringing it up for discussion as to my experience with CD

I’m certainly not taking this a bad mouthing, not at all. You’re welcome to your opinion, good or bad. We’re here to help. Many here know much more than I but I don’t want you to ditch CD before we try and figure out what’s going on. Where are you getting your extensions from? I’ve got mine from Chrome Web Store and they work fine except for the aforementioned WOT.

I was an avowed Google Chrome user until CD came out and I won’t use anything else now. I don’t want you to trash CD until we can have a chance to figure this out. CD is very fast and Chrome extensions do work etc. If I can’t help you and nobody else posts here with info I will personally get someone to give you some support. Comodo and their devs & mods in all of my experience are good to their users. just give us a chance. :wink:

We can figure this out

[sub]Edit by EricJH: fixed the quote

i will definitely hang in there… i have proof i believe in comodo…lol…ive been(was actually) beta testing cis for ???, somewhere in 2007…i believed in melih and team to make something very nice in what is now CIS v4.x…

im a tech for 20 yrs or so(NO PROGRAMMING) and was in search of a f/w that i could put on grandmaqs machine and walk away…well, CIS is very close…so it was worth it!
so im in…i will uninstall and re-install and see if it helps the speed…but the extensions,i guess we will see.
i got the extensions from the link(s) within CD…
i do like FF cuz of those extensions i use. they make browsing soooo convenient…

always been security minded (hence, another reason for my quest for a rock solid f/w), and lately even more so…thats why i checked back w/ CD lately… i mean, comodo IS all about security. so ill hang out with CD and give input…

here is something thats kind of alarming that i wanted to say here at comodo…i goggled the username i have used for 20 some yrs and came up with my username and password that i use occasionally on several lists out there…i was trying to think where i could put a wishlist to the comodo team about somehow(again, know nothing about dev’ing) encrypting u/n and pwd so even if it is sniffed on its destination cant be de-cophered, and when it gets to its destination, cant be either…and if you forget your pwd, and you click on the “i forgot my pwd” link at a site, they can only send you an encryped “key” that only you can de-crypt, with hopefully a piece of software from comodo…i may copy and paste this portion to the comodo wishlist…

but 1st, is it even do-able? i
i went on a different tangent here, but i would loke more feedback with CD also…i do like a good b’up browser too…
thanks for your reply watash

No problem, CD is a very nice browser from what I’ve experienced so far. As far as the password thing, I couldn’t help you there. :slight_smile:

i copied and pasted that password part to the wishlist section…hope someone sees it…did you try to google your most used username yet?

i think i know why CD doooogs so badly for me…when i open it up there are about 10 instances of it ruinning in task manager.this after i uninstalled and re-installed.

10? You should post that in a new thread.

yeah i did make a new thread…just wanted state it here cuz i mentioned it here 1st…there are actually 19…i counted them


The high number of processes running is probably due to extensions installed. I.e one dragon process per extension.


Not necessarily. I have about 10-15 processes and NO extensions installed.

Processes can come from Tabs and Plugins too and are not limited to extensions.

If you view ‘about: memory’, you will see what each process is DOING. (Browser, Tab, Plug-in, Extension, etc.)

Sorry, my mistake. I thought extensions were plugins :-[ (just another name for them). So what’s the difference between the two? The multiple dragon processes puzzled me at first untill I realized it was due to having extensions installed.


If someone is having problems with extentions, It may possibly have something to do with “%USERPROFILE% folder” and maybe where it’s located <— I could be wrong.

If you like to TRY my portable comodo dragon (on the main page) You can check to see if the extentions you want would work with the portable version. <—No guarantees though

It was a pain playing around with %USERPROFILE% folder.

Extensions are just that something that extends beyond the base functionality.

Plug-ins are items such as Flash, QuickTime, Acrobat, Windows Media,Java, Real Player, etc.