Where are the Moderators!!!???

JJasper, Little Mac, AOwl, pandlouk, Júštiñ™ Haven’t been here for more then a week!? :o

I hope there okay!!! :-\ :wink:

Josh :P0l O0

2 words: simply tired

Hey Josh,

We are all volunteers here and the time we each put in here is done with consideration to our professional and personal lives.

They’ll be back and we’ve got enough mods to cover periods when some can’t make it here.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I guess ganda might’ve kidnapped them… :THNK

that’s 4 words 88)

No. That was three words because “2” is a number, but thanks for trying (:WAV)

yeah, you beat me with your experience 88) ;D
i don’t know that posting message can be that tiresome 88) maybe they’re just busy?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, we do have a life outside of this place (:s*) and we’re not all supermen (:m*). Sickness, injury, … still apply.

And sorry for my “experience”. The truth sometimes hurts. Perhaps consider re-taking this examination?

This was a silly post to start with!! 88) Why did I create it? I am sure too sure still… roflol

Topic Locked.