Where are the malware updates?

Today my Windows 7 Action Center popped up, telling me that COMODO was out of date. This was strange, as I always have an internet connection and updates are being installed automatically for CIS. So, I manually took the update from the GUI, just to be sure… It told me everything was up to date… strange.

Then I went to the COMODO database section here, to see what’s wrong, maybe try a manual update:

Here it says that the last update from the SERVERS was dated 9th of July, as shown in the screenshot I have taken. Today is 12th July local time already… where are the updates? what’s wrong?

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Hi guys,

I didn’t want to start a new thread so I’m asking here. Is there currently a problem with signature updates? For the last 3 days I’ve been getting 1 updates first thing in the morning, 1 around 3 pm ish and then no more until the next day. CIS is currently showing the last update as 6 hours ago, yes I know the clouds always there but I’m just asking if there is a problem with updates at the moment?

Thanks in advance.

It’s now 7 hours without an update, this can’t be right surely??

Did you get an update after re-booting your computer?