where are stored comodo log files and /temp files

I installed comodo on c:/ partition where resides my OS .

I wish to customize the location where Comodo create it’s/temporary/log files , out
of c:/ . Is it possible ? It’s seems no . Will it be availalble on next versions ?


Maybe this is what you mean?



Do you want say that all

Comodo temporary files (if anyone)
Comodo settings
Comodo log files

are stored on Registry , all exclusively on registry ?!?

Thank you

Hi, if you want to simply know where the temp files ARE, it would be something (like)

C:\Documents and Settings\graziano\Local Settings\Application Data\Comodo\Comodo Firewall

This would be the path you are looking for, if you want to see the Temp folder. :wink:

Of course this depends on what your drive is …C:\ D:\ etc…


Thank you Paul

ok temporary files are here
C:\Documents and Settings\graziano\Local Settings\Application Data\Comodo\Comodo Firewall

Is there any way to move them on
e:/all_those_log_files_which_defragment_my_hard_disk ?

Comodo settings instead are on registry … How could grow the registry
after 1 year of comodo usage ?

  1. C:\Documents and Settings\This would be your name on the computer though not “graziano” as I put\Local Settings\Application Data\Comodo\Comodo Firewall

2.)These log files shouldn’t defragment anything. Especially on WinXP, with the NTFS format, many won’t even defragment anymore. I do as good practice, but unless they were extremely large files like music, pictures, movies, you won’t be getting any noticable defragmentation with these files whatsoever. You should be able to open the Temp folder , copy them and then paste them into E:. Then simply delete the files in Temp. But as I said, they won’t defragment your drive.

3.) I am not sure what you mean by “raise” the registry after a year.


My comodo temp is exactly here , yes

C:\Documents and Settings\graziano\Dati applicazioni\Comodo\PersonalFirewall\Data\TempFiles

The problem is that my log file is growing (showed on activity log) , but \TempFiles is still empty …
So where are stored log files ?

I think that a good software should permit the user to choose where the software
saves the temporary files . My idea is to leave only the OS on c:/ .

Regarding Windows registry …
I have understand that Comodo save settings on registry.

Well , also if I have a new computer with few applications , my Comodo Component monitor is full
of Control rules .
After 1 year of usage and tons of other application installed , I think that the Comodo registry
could grown exponentially … and the system could became slowly …

Did consider this point Comodo ?

Thank you

I mean no offense but you sound more knowledgable than me so I am taken back a bit that you are lost at all , loll. :wink:

If you want the log files, open CPF window , click on Activity, to the left, log tab, here you can configure how long to save or export as html for viewing.

As far as the registry growing, this is going to happen with any anti-virus or firewall so long as the threats grow. Contol rules don’t have to grow and don’t take up any more space either way.


The CF temporary files are (more-or-less as said above) stored in %tmp% [this is a system-defined environmental variable]. Similarly, the log files are in %allusersprofile%\application data\comodo\personal firewall\logs.log; again a system-defined environmental variable is involved. You can in principle change these definitions, but it should not be done unless you are expert in dealing with environmental variables; changing them can be almost as risky as messing with the registry! Since CF provides ways to export the logs as an HTML file; to set the maximum log size; and and to clear the logs completely, there should not be a real need to mess with their location. I would tread very carefully here!

To see the expansions of enronmental variables on your machine, just type :set" (no quotes) at a command prompt.