Where are my files?

Hello. I’m running Firefox isolated, and I just downloaded Comodo Dragon, and another copy of Comodo firewall to save to a USB drive. They should be on my desktop, but they aren’t. Where is Comodo keeping them? I can’t find them in untrusted files or anything. Thanks.

Since you have Firefox sandboxed, all files will be in the “VritualRoot” folder on your C drive. This is the folder CIS uses for virtualization. BTW the folder is misspelled on purpose.

Ok, thank you. Also, what do you think is the best level of restrictions for Firefox?

I don’t have Firefox sandboxed. I just have it treated as a Web Browser. You should be fine at default. I choose to have CIS at a little higher level globally:

Proactive Security:

D+ - Safe Mode
Execution Controls - Untrusted
Sandbox - Enabled - Unchecked Trusted Files Box and Automatically Detect Installers
Firewall - Custom Policy Mode
AntiVirus - Stateful
All Cloud Scanning - Disabled

With this setup, you will get a few more alerts, but I don’t find it too annoying.