where are HIPS rules stored?

It is a known issue that certain crashes can cause HIPS rules to be forgotten.
I would like to know where is the file that contains the rules, because then I could restore that file from a system image, and get my old rules back.

In the registry, sorry cannot give you the exact location.


so I guess this idea won’t work, because restoring the entire registry from an earlier time would cause issues.

You should be able to restore just that particular entry without problems.

Sorry I cannot give the exact place, someone should be able to.

It is specific to current active configuration.


It would be nice if CIS would let the user export the HIPS Rules, Firewall Rules and also the Trusted Files List, but alas, this request probably will never be answered.

It would be even better if they did not use the registry :slight_smile:

With Kerio the settings where held in a single file which you could edit.


That’s one reason I’m not anxious to try out version 10 (when available). I have 5 machines and would have to set them all up individually. What a pain.

what about exporting settings from “configuration”?
Doesn’t that save what you need?

Most of it, maybe everything you need.

There are a few settings and lists not included.