Where are certified safe files kept?

I was given the message about the files recognized online have been put in my certified safe file. Where is this file? I would like to keep tabs on the files this program considers safe. Thank you.


This just means that the firewall knows that those files are safe and that you are not be alerted when the firewall recognizes these files. Dont worry the firewall keeps a database of known safe files so the chances of false positives are verry small. When a file is being recognized as safe, the firewall does not change, remove or replace the files! everything stays put.

Thank you for your help. Where can I look at this database? Thank you.

Well the database is being maintened by COMODO and you can not view it that easily… BUT you do can see what kind of files on your pc have been stated safe by the COMODO DATABASE (thus by the firewall), therefore you just click on the my pending files area in the main gui.

Ok, Have a nice day!


It’s somewhere in your users or documents and settings folder… Don’t remember the exact pathname now, but I don’t think you’ll be able to view it since I think it’s encrypted. You could run Defense+ in paranoid mode if you really want so that only the already created rules (that you can browse and edit or delete) apply.

Paranoid Mode does not quite do that you still get ballon messages of process allow automatically not sure if CPF3 uses the Safe Files or Trusted Vendors to auto allow these process.

Anyway don’t worry, the safe database contains files that would be allowed automatically if not in paranoid mode. But once they’re allowed, the rules are perfectly visible and editable in any D+ mode, even if they were first created without user interaction. So CFP lets you monitor everything it allows.