Whenever uploading files cmdagent runs at 25-35%.

Whenever uploading files cmdagent runs at 25-35%. This wouldn’t be a problem but I have been forced to install programs on my computer that scan it with multiple antiviruses(no active protection, so they shouldn’t interfere with Comodo), because Comodo misses lots of things like open candy installs, and some other viruses, even with HIP enabled and me running most install programs in the sand box first,(I also upload any file I download to get scanned by another 99 antivirus engines before installing) I still manage to get infected. The one program that scans the computer with 68 antivirus engines I don’t have a problem with because it recognizes most files and only uploads one or two to the cloud.

The other program after the first time I used it uploaded half my computer and did it for days. To try to stop the firewall from using so much CPU I added every program on my computer to the allowed list, and charged the setting from safe to custom rule set. That didn’t work. I checked on this board and did everything I could find out but most of what was here pertained to old versions.

I also tried to reinstall Comodo, that didn’t work. I tried reinstall without installing the firewall even though you select this, the firewall still gets installed. I tried downloading a version of Comodo that doesn’t list a firewall in it, and installing that. that didn’t work it still installed a firewall. I also disabled the firewall in all these attempts. That didn’t work, even with the firewall disabled and the at risk displaying on the widget cmdagent.exe still hogs CPU.

I tried changing .exe to exee so it wouldn’t load. It still loaded on reboot, but I was able to delete it and reboot, but on reboot a screen came up to check the install, and I repaired it and it shows backup in task menu.

My question is why do I need a firewall that hogs so much memory, interfering with other programs when windows comes installed with a firewall, that does essentially the same thing. As for bad IP blocking I have malwarebytes, and a couple browser extentions doing the same job without using any CPU at all! That being said does anybody know how to disable cmdagent.exe so it don’t run permanently? I can’t believe that option to not install a firewall is ignored when installing!

I made a paragraph structure for a better read. It was virtually impossible to keep track without it. Eric