whenever i connect internet my windows 8 corrupts and wants to restart

hai i am using os 8 fresh format system after i install cis 8 latest version everything works fine but when i connect the net that time my windows corrupts and wants to restart by itself, i have disable windows firewall but nothing helps. What to do please help? Imany times uninstall with comodo uninstaller and removed all the registry files but every time the same problem arises. Os 8 32bit please help?

no one seems to help me

What do you mean with when you connect to the web? Do you start a specific browser or does it also happen with other browsers? Or does it happen when the network adapter becomes active?

after i conect the net within few seconds automatically windows corrupats.

Do you connect by starting a browser? Does it also happen when you for example start an email program or run the program updater of a program?

Did you try updating the driver of the involved network adapter?

no, i connect the net without open a browser. Frist i start my pc and connect the net and god knows with in few second without doing anything my windows corrupts and wants to restart. But after uninstall comodo there is no problem. Suppose i install comodo nicely and cis works fine but after connect the net my windows automatically corrupts. What to do? Any suggestion please.

Do I understand correctly that at the moment you see the icon in the systray change to that the internet connection is active Windows reboots and gives a blue screen?

Could you try updating the driver of your network adapter and see if that makes a difference?

Please download BlueScreenView and tell what the stop code is and what file Windows tells is involved with the crash?

after corrupts os does not show any blue screen it corupts and wants to restart automatically nicely but after uninstall cis no problem. Now using avast free antivirus with windows firewall without any problem. I did not try to update network drivers.

When you didn’t see the blue screens your Windows was set to reboot without showing a blue screen in case of a crash. Out of sheer curiosity; could you check with BlueScreenView what is reported about the crash(es)?

i tried to update network adapter but nothing happened. so i am sending you my crash report the dump files, i have attached two dump files please help. as soon as possible. :cry:

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To get this fixed a bug report will be needed. If you have the time and energy please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

actually i have not filled a bug report before so i can not understand the procedure.

i have filled a bug report just look at that.

Thank you for the bug report. :-TU