When your machine freezes down..

Well, hello. :slight_smile:

As I’ve understood, there are some people, who meets the situation,
which can be described by those expressions below:

  • The high-speed monster stops responding, only mouse can be controlloed, moved etc…

  • Typically, a magic reset-button is the solution only.

  • In this case, PC should boot fine in “safe mode”. (win XP Home v.2002, sp2 in my case)

This problem can be caused by some kind of conflict btw. Wonders, pardon, Windows and
CAV, so Microsoft Corp. has provided a patch, which you can get here.

[b]Brief Description from MS[/b]: This update addresses an issue that could cause your system to stop responding if certain firewall or antivirus programs are installed.

I hope, that this one will help, but I can provide you with no guarantees.

Best regards & feel secure.
I. L.

I’ll give it a go…


I had a go at it. It seemed to install the 8877641 or whatever number it is but it doesn’t appear on my Add/Remove Programs (Show Updated) list. Did I not install it correctly?


Well, there are several ways to go thru it.

I don’t know, how useful this update is in relation to CAV and PC slowdowns, because I didn’t
have time to check that, but I’m going to do it as soon as I can,
because I have to know: does it work or not.
( thought, may be somebody has solved this issue before me, because CAV is slowing down
my machine, which is not weak at all ).

So, the patch-number is only one: KB887742, and you should be able
to track it in two ways ( at least ):

The most simple way to get it is what you did - look for it in
“installed apps” tool ( see image below ):
( text within the red square: “show installed updates” )


Another way is to take look at this tool.
This tool is an app, which can track all your updates. Screenshott is shown below.


You can search for any update number, if needed (screenshott below):


Hope, this was useful.
Best regards.



For those who may not understand from his screenshot let me give a helping hand with an English screenshot.

Note: I already had this patch installed from Windows Update.

Justin (B)

It’s alright… Got it to work and I managed to sort the problem file out. (see my topic about PowerPoint Files.


Super. Thanx for the active interest, everybody.

Best regards.
I. L.