When will you fix the Definition Update Failure problem?

This has been ongoing for too long now. A simple check on only the first page of the forums shows over 400 issues of this complaint, and this is only the first page! Not to mention all those who have not reported the problem, or given up, uninstalled or moved to a different AV solution. Why are alarm bells not ringing at Comodo over this issue? I have spent hours looking through this forum trying to find a fix & all I can see are half hearted work-arounds & excuses that neither fix the problem or address the problem in the correct way. Please Comodo, it’s about time you came clean about this and fixed it, once and for all. No more excuses. I’m determined not to uninstall CIS from all four of my PC’s, but unless you pull your fingers out I will be doing what probably thousands of other CIS users have done allready - changing my AV suite to one that works.

UPDATE/EDIT: Wow, that rant seems to have done the trick! You guys must have seen me downloading the latest beta of ESET, cos as soon as I finished downloading it I checked one last time to see if I could update CIS before disabling the AV & BOOM!!! All four of my PC’s are now updating their Virus Defs - first time in weeks!!! Well, I’m keeping ESET in the downloads folder just in case… So there you have it, the final fix that works, download ESET & your CIS will get nervous & start behavin itself…

seriously Guys, whatever you done, thank you, but try not to leave it so long next time eh? Now, where did I put the CIS beta…

Hy, i from France and i have the same complain.
I found my own solution just one step before unistaling Cis.
Usualy my conection go trough a Dsl modem connected to a router Belkin wifi.
To day i connect my Pc directly by ethernet cable to the Dsl modem and this work. I hade downloaded the last virus base.
But in august, every thing was going well with the router connected…so, for me something change from the server or the way to do from comodo company.

Currently there is a lot of work going on with the Comodo servers behind the scenes that can cause problems with updating the av database (and likely also other downloads from the various Comodo web pages).

Comodo staff is looking for people who are suffering from problems with updating the AV database and are willing to do some very simple testing.

The instruction are in this post in the Is there a problem with the Antivirus part of Internet Security updating topic.

Please report your findings there. That will very much help Comodo and eventually yourself.