When will we see CIS 5.4 beta?

i want to know so bad about it.

i dont think there will be a beta. Iv only ever seen betas for major releases like 4.0 and 5.0
but im wondering when they will release it aswell

not heard so much about a 5.4 version. Anyone has some clues as to what it will bring for intresting news?

i found this in the localiztions thread a week or so ago. hopefully its coming in 5.4

this is all i have seen or heard tho

[attachment deleted by admin]

Probably Q4 2011…

or as the comodo staff like to say. soon…

That means it will come

but not in Q4 2011… :wink:

Or as staff from Opera browser will tell: WIR (when it is ready)…;D