When will this bug get fixed!?


I’ve reported it during beta. It was ignored. Talked about it when CIS6 Final was released. Ignored again. Asked about it after first 6.0 patch. Guess what, nothing being done again. Why is this getting ignored with every release? I don’t want idiotic popups asking me if i want to have privileged rights, but if you disable it, whole Defense+ system collapses and makes CIS6 completelly useless. I just don’t get the logic behind their bug fixing. They fixed bunch of pretty much non essential problems in the last small update yet but again left out this massive one.

You have mentioned trusted installer prob in the link.

Is the Java prob mentioned in the link below the same as your prob i.e…

.tmp by Java was not trusted, Java is a trusted installer in CIS, right?

I have attached the screenshot of .tmp in the link


And I am not trying to hijack your post. It seems to me the prob is same & want to know if the prob is same or not?

Did someone make a bug report for this in the Bug Report section or was it only reported during Beta testing? If it hasn’t been reported again it would be very helpful if someone could make a bug report about this.


One would expect that if i’ve reported it during BETA test and wasn’t fixed that someone will fix that without me re-reporting the bug every month…

could have been over looked, it gets very cluttered when all the bugs and peoples comments are in the same topic. it would be best to rereport it so it will have its own topic

And where am i suppose to report it? So many threads about reporting, i don’t want to get this overlooked again.

Create a new topic here. Please follow the bug format, this will increase the likelihood of your bug being fixed by the devs.

Do it here: https://support.comodo.com/ (Submit a ticket). Q to mods: Can you?

Making a new topic for it in the bug reporting section is the best way. Please create a bug report for it there.

Did a re-report of this bug, i hope this will finally get fixed now, otherwise i’ll lose any confidence in the Comodo bug reporting and fixing…


Òh my. Threatening us to slam the door? :wink:

Now, that is not necessary.
I suggest you to remove your post to avoid further arguing with Rejzor.