When will these bugs be fixed?

I know there are several big bugs that lots of people are waiting to be fixed there there are also several less important ones, some of which I have been waiting many months to be fixed.

My personal list is:

Defence+ false alarm on direct disk write.
Programs sometimes added to top of computer security policy.
Cannot select multiple items in my pending files.
Safe programs are given blanket allow in computer security policy.
Save configuration does not work with user account control on.
Password forgotten/has to be re-entered each time options are changed.
Virus scan sometimes stops a quarter way through.
Virus scan exclude does not exclude.
Set up button for file groups not easy to find.

They have all been reported before and are all in the latest version. I hope they are not forgotten.

This is the biggie for me, but I’m starting to think it’s a bit of a language barrier issue. From everything I’ve seen any of the developers say in regards to this, (which is almost nothing…) I honestly think they feel it is excluding. I saw one of them (Umesh?) mention adding something to the exclusion list on a post in the FP reporting forum, and I made a post asking for clarification if the list is operating as they had intended because it doesn’t actually exclude any files from the scan, but merely ignores any alerts. He didn’t respond… I even posted the Miriam-Webster dictionary of the definition of the word exclude in case they were unaware of its actually meaning.

It’s just interesting that every other piece of software I’ve tried that does any sort of disk scan that has an exclusion function actually excludes the files from scans. Not CIS. Instead of excluding, it merely ignores alerts. Not sure what sort of sense this makes from a usability standpoint. If it is operating as intended, you should change the name of the list because your are only going to confuse users by using the term exclude instead of ignore. I can’t imagine any English speaker is going to think the software is operating correctly when they tell CIS to exclude some files only to find that CIS still scans those files.

I really like CIS, but I am extremely disappointed at the lack of official comments on many of the issues users are having as well as the time it takes to actually fix them. I’m not a programmer, but some of these current issues seem like pretty quick fixes, (such as the trusted vendor update bug) yet users are forced to cope with them for months. Even a simple “We are looking into it” would be helpful… 88)