When will the GUI be fixed?

Still getting truncated fonts in various displays. Window handling is limited to fixed size, fixed fonts, fixed buttons and fixed window positions. If the development toolkit does not offer more flexibilty than that, Comodo should seriously think about another development environment. (:SAD)

Seriously though, are there any plans to improve the GUI handling?


A few samples, but not nearly all (any, single port, port range, bloc)

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I don’t get those truncated fonts.
Do you have larger than normal fonts?

I was gonna ask the same thing. My font size is much smaller than those shown in the attachment.

115 DPI. For Windows, normal is 96 DPI and large is 120 DPI. I’m somewhere in between and please don’t ask me to change it to 96 DPI to fix this… :slight_smile: The root cause is still the application. Very few applications handle this without problems and it is usually due to GUI inexperience or a lousy development environment :slight_smile:


I don’t know how much effort they will put in the GUI, because they are working on the new v. 3
Some users are complaining about the RAM the application is using, and making it resize and other stuff makes the app use more memory.
I don’t know about the font size though, but they haven’t changed anything in the GUI for a long time, so I would guess that we have to wait and hope…

Probably not much, but I like to keep reminding Comodo that eventually something needs to
be done to improve the workings of the GUI. I understand that there are priorities and I’m a
patient kind of person that can wait, but I haven’t seen many replies from development in the
forums regarding my and other complaints about the GUI. In the end, a polished product should
also have a polished GUI. My personal opinion.

What do the developers and Melih have to say about this?

Am I off base here?


I’m sure the Comodo staff will comment on this when time permits :slight_smile:

Don’t you like my CF v.4? ;D


Looks help, but I’m more interested in how well a GUI works. :slight_smile:


Hehe… looks is more important… :wink:
No, just kidding…
It should be easy to work with and suite all users and languages and font sizes.

Nicely done actually. Getting skinnable GUI is a nice feature :slight_smile:

Hi adric, actually “normal” DPI is regulated by the manufaturer for most standard displays. Your 115 DPI won’t cut it. So yes, you will have to put it back to a recognized and standard supported setting provided by the manufaturer. It is not the GUI and I can cause this effect with my programs as well. If you don’ t use the supported standard on your display , it won’t work correctly…

Here is an exerpt right from Microsoft…

Text and graphics that are small at 96 DPI may appear much smaller at 200 DPI. When the number of pixels-per-inch increases, the size of each pixel decreases. If you double the density of the pixels, the size of the text may be halved so that the text is no longer readable. As a result, Web pages that specify pixel sizes for containers and text appear half their size, and the layout around them is adjusted accordingly.

In other words, you increase the DPI, you cut your text. I included screen shots on mine as well with 115 DPI and other programs as well.

Also, I was wondering how you got that shade of gray for your Windows theme? I haven’t seen it since ME or 98. Can it be set with XP look? If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it, I kept trying on mine but can’t get it, running XPpro. That color with XP theme look would be awesome! <if you do, TIA. :wink:

Hope this helps,


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I understand that about displays and resolution settings etc. What MS is saying is correct, but it is still up to the application to handle this. That is the point I’m trying to make - many applications don’t display correctly because they do not test using a different DPI such as the 120 DPI offered by XP. The XP system menus, tabs, etc. adjust quite well to DPI changes. Thunderbird is another example of an application that displays correctly. There are more apps that display correctly with a different DPI, but there are even more that do not. :frowning:

Below is an example of displaying correctly at 115 DPI and the same example where it is
not handled correctly.

I’m using the windows classic theme on my XP Pro system.


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