When will it be compatible with RAID arrays?

The subject says it all :).

Thank you in advance for your responses.
Have a nice day :wink:

Hi, S.A.
This version (2.5) is not compatible with raid drivers.
We will consider to implement this feature in the future versions.

Thanks for your support.
Best regards.

I also would like CTM to be compatible with RAID disks, so I could try it :slight_smile:

What do you need RAID for? You could switch it to IDE or AHCI, it seems to me less problematic. But I’d wait for the next build, there are too many issues.

Hello, I am not a computer professional and I heard for the first time about RAID when I tried to install CTM. So, is there a possibility to change RAID as you wrote? How to do it? Is it safe? Thank you.

Hi. Sorry it’s not safe to switch the mode for an ordinary user for sure. You definitely should invite a specialist.
That’s if CTM is not mistaken which could happen easily. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer. I will wait a little while, may be in the future CTM will be compatible with RAID :wink: