When will COMODO Internet Security have GAME MODE FEATURE?

I didn’t say team Fortress required training mode every time. It is only the first time you play it that you have to actually connect while in training mode. After that, the game works fine. It makes a rule to accept all connections the same way it does for things like uTorrent.

WoW causes very few problems except when patches and updates come out. Each patch has a unique downloader and installer that has to be allowed. Norton Internet Security caused no problems with any games. but they have a much larger whitelist and the program seems to recognize types of files it has seen before, even if they have a slightly different name but are from the same vendor.

Not sure if the lack of alerts in that case would be due to a supposedly larger whitelist. Sure withelisting by hash recognize every exe regardless of the names whereas there would be no way that something which has been just released though online updates to have been withelisted by hash …

Anyway in CIS when an executable is digitally signed it can be manually added to Trusted vendor without much effort if is not there yet but AFAIK this was not the point of games mode requests whenever only games were seemingly involved.

The way WOW behave, whenever it is a game or not, will trigger alerts during updates, even when a path based widcarded policy is in place, only if the downloaders are written outside the games folder (eg %temp% folder) and thus executed. In these case a new policy would be needed.

Would this mean members actually wished CIS to automatically create policies for these cases too regardless how many one-time installers and downloaders are created in their PCs?

Beside is WOW approach the only possible one? Is it really necessary to create countless executables on each update?

If so this topic would actually be about a WOW mode…