When will COMODO Internet Security have GAME MODE FEATURE?

I think that there is a need for gaming mode, 'cause in Training Mode, every action is learnt, also from applications, which actions shouldn’t be learnt.
I think, the Training Mode is a hugh security risk.

I used “Safe mode” Comodo will use whitelist for decision but some application will alert because Comodo didn’t known them.

I would like Comodo improve their whitelisting too.


My son and friends play a lot and a gaming mode is needed. Also does this gaming mode has to be without password becouse of the following with kids.

I have set CIS for their computers and many games did not run. I told the the training mode option and when I looked a week later they had this option set as standard, most convenient for them but not safe.

So I cleared CIS to default and did set it up with my password but now every time they want to play a new game I have to be there to set their computer to learning mode. When I’m not there they can’t play and that S*CS according to the kids.

DAD can you remove Comodo, we can’t play… pls… :-[

+1 to the game mode. I play online and I wouldn’t want to CIS block or lag my game just because I reaches the number of packets/second set in the flood/attack configuration.

I know that COMODO gives personal certificates for free, I think would be great if these certificates could be sold to game servers, so when the game client connects to it CIS could authenticate: the client, server, IP addresses/protocols, port(s), so the client can enter a game mode for optimal performance, this doesn’t mean that security measures would be suppressed, only flex them to the game needs (e.g. Block fragmented packets would still be working and so on).


Deleted CIS from my sons computer because of the non excising game-mode. Most of the online games today work with multi servers or the players are also hosts. Comodo’s CIS can not work with these games.

I play games on-line with no problems or lags

Although it would be more reasonable to manually safelist games before they are launched (Drag& drop support would help too),

it is possible to define a trusted path where to install games (eg %ProgramFiles%\Games*) and provide a default policy to allow Firewall and Defense+ actions.

Defense+ Tasks > Common Tasks >My Protected Files > Groups… button

Games Mode group defined as %ProgramFiles%\Games*

Defense+ Tasks > Advanced >Computer Security Policy

Games mode defined as Windows system application

PS: Parental control friendly, one-time configuration.

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The gaming should be in the “Treat As” list, where Windows System App, Trusted App, and so on are. So if D+ shows an alert, you can treat this application as game.
I think that’s easy, and not so dangerous then putting CIS to Training Mode, where every app can do what it want, and not only the game.
I don’t know how often i mentioned it here in forum, but I don’t think that a Training Mode is any kind that should D+ have, cause Clean Mode is much better, and it’s SAFE.
What kind of D+ setting is it, to learn everything. Cause that means, learning every bad action(also of malware), too. Don’t think that this is the sense of an Security App.
The Game Mode rule also should learn the specific action, and not only wildcards, which can’t really be edited, cause then you will nearly block everything again, and the game crashes.
And treat an game as an windows System app would give it so much rights, that aren’t needed for a game.

And why is this Topic once here and once at Firewall Wishlist?

What I read here is a lot of different I dears on Games. Yes old games can be played by some settings, also installable games but the NEW TODAY on-line games work totally different. If a game has a view hundred servers in different countries changing all the time I don’t want to click all the time to accept a new IP/server.

Still setting a " Windows system application" on Treat as dialog will have the same consequences of selecting a “Game mode” entry granting such games any privileges without any alert.

Whereas, in case the game is not safelisted, to allow the game and get a detailed list of permissions it would be as simple as adding the game executable to Defense+ Tasks > Common Tasks - My Own Safe Files before getting any alert.

Ever tried Firewall Tasks > Common Tasks > Define a New Trusted Application ? will work on NEW TODAY on-line games too…

Cause of this, Comodo should save the specific action, so you can edit them, and block unwanted action by this way. So this Game has just once, and that means only that game - and not like in Training Mode, everything on a PC - the opportinity to do what it want, and you needn’t set back to your standard mode of F & D+.

Such approach is not guaranteed to have the game work (eg in case some action were explicitly blocked because considered unneeded) whereas game mode is often represented a a way to magically get the game working without any alert.

Besides D+ Safe mode + My safe files would provide a way to allow a game and get a detailed list of permissions.

Tried it but does not work.

I guess this this doesn’t mean you got alerts like you posted before.

User Trusted applications/games ( Firewall Tasks > Common Tasks > Define a New Trusted Application) will not generate firewall alerts regardless of many IP or how NEW TODAY are.

BTW Did you actually ask for help on these forums about that? If you link the specific topic it is likely many members will read it to provide their advices.
That ought to point out eventual misconfigurations or eventual scenarios that are not even related to CIS itself.


I play Games online and haven’t any problems with Comodo. I have used the “Training Mode” as an install mode when I am installing a “KNOWN” Safe Game and right after the install turn the mode back to Paranoid.
If you keep your system clean and safe, during the install of the game there should not be any “Malware” or other unsafe programs activating! The only time I get a pop up from comodo during game play, is if something out of the ordinary has just occurred and really needs my attention! I do not want the “Training Mode” removed, this is a feature which makes perfect sense since as I stated above, “If you keep your system clean and safe” during the use of training mode, there shouldn’t be a problem with malware.

Changing the path where the games are installed might not work for on line games that receive frequent updates and patches. I play a lot of games and have no problems using training mode when installing them and running them the first time, but I can definitely see how it would be a huge problem on a child’s computer where he or she would not know how to change the settings back and forth. CIS is definitely not kid friendly.

The hardest games to set up are the multi server ones like Team Fortress 2 and others of that ilk. You definitely have to leave CIS in training mode until you have actually connected to one or more of the servers hosting instances of the game. I think training mode should have a timed popup like installation mode to remind people to switch back.

Nope it is not so much difficult. Nor it would be needed to use training mode everytime if firewall alert level is left to defaults whereas only two rules for a path based game policy would be needed to take care of zillion teamfortress servers.

Stealth wizard may also be used to create rules that are unpractical for some games (P2P apps and others apps that act like servers) since in some case that a block all rule is added to Global firewall rules.

IIRC the only game that could cause some alerts would be WOW. Though I might have read elsewhere that grannies loves it, I guess in that in similar cases the issue is that games do not act as such but like installers, whenever a new single-use installer is generated/spawned outside the Game mode policy path there will be alerts for sure.

In such cases it is likely that appropriate rules ought to be created by dads or grandsons or alerts should be answered without marking them to be remembered.

BTW it is not that such games actually need to spawn such updaters while they are in full screen mode…
Nor it would be mandatory to spawn applications outside their folder either.

They were designed that way whenever they can also considered games, indeed they are unfriendly when it comes to HIPS based security (or even LUA security).

I didn’t say team Fortress required training mode every time. It is only the first time you play it that you have to actually connect while in training mode. After that, the game works fine. It makes a rule to accept all connections the same way it does for things like uTorrent.

WoW causes very few problems except when patches and updates come out. Each patch has a unique downloader and installer that has to be allowed. Norton Internet Security caused no problems with any games. but they have a much larger whitelist and the program seems to recognize types of files it has seen before, even if they have a slightly different name but are from the same vendor.

Not sure if the lack of alerts in that case would be due to a supposedly larger whitelist. Sure withelisting by hash recognize every exe regardless of the names whereas there would be no way that something which has been just released though online updates to have been withelisted by hash …

Anyway in CIS when an executable is digitally signed it can be manually added to Trusted vendor without much effort if is not there yet but AFAIK this was not the point of games mode requests whenever only games were seemingly involved.

The way WOW behave, whenever it is a game or not, will trigger alerts during updates, even when a path based widcarded policy is in place, only if the downloaders are written outside the games folder (eg %temp% folder) and thus executed. In these case a new policy would be needed.

Would this mean members actually wished CIS to automatically create policies for these cases too regardless how many one-time installers and downloaders are created in their PCs?

Beside is WOW approach the only possible one? Is it really necessary to create countless executables on each update?

If so this topic would actually be about a WOW mode…