When will COMODO Internet Security have GAME MODE FEATURE?

It’s more likely that WOW is whitelisted.

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Nope wow isn’t whitelisted I can confirm that 88)

... You don't have to respond to the Bouncer (you can safely ignore the Alert/Pop-up "behind" the full screen program) when he reports that person (program) to you. Your Door Man has taken care of the security automatically. He won't let that person in the Club if you do not respond to his Alert (Pop-up). Your Night Club (PC) is still Safe.

If this happens in a full screen game and the thing being auto-blocked is an update or other neccessary element, the game might freeze or lock up completely with the only way out being a hard reset of the machine via the power button. I have had this very thing happen more than once while receiving a game patch or update. A popup will be there asking for action but you can’t see it because you’re in full screen. Then the action will be blocked and the updater will shut down. There should be something implemented that prevents this from happening. It happened to me with the latest WoW patch even though I was in installation mode.

I just bookmarked the D+ bouncer analogy…:-TU

Could you not tell the DEFENSE+ Bouncer to treat WoW as a ‘Trusted Application’ on his ‘white-list’? I don’t play WoW, but as long as it doesn’t do crazy things just to install the Patch, that may solve the problem.

If you were going into Full Screen and Downloading & Installing a Patch through the Game, you should have been in ‘Training Mode’, not ‘Installation Mode’.

I would Install the Patches while the Game isn’t running if I were you, in ‘Installation Mode’. That’s what I do with my Games anyway. :-TU

Although it would be more reasonable to manually safelist games before they are launched (Drag& drop support would help too),

it is possible to define a trusted path where to install games (eg %ProgramFiles%\Games*) and provide a default policy to allow Firewall and Defense+ actions.

Defense+ Tasks > Common Tasks >My Protected Files > Groups… button

Games Mode group defined as %ProgramFiles%\Games*

Firewall Tasks > Common Tasks > Define a New Trusted Application

Games mode defined as trusted

PS: Parental control friendly, one-time configuration.

The gaming should be in the “Treat As” list, where Windows System App, Trusted App, and so on are. So if D+ shows an alert, you can treat this application as game.
I think that’s easy, and not so dangerous then putting CIS to Training Mode, where every app can do what it want, and not only the game.
I don’t know how often i mentioned it here in forum, but I don’t think that a Training Mode is any kind that should D+ have, cause Clean Mode is much better, and it’s SAFE.
What kind of D+ setting is it, to learn everything. Cause that means, learning every bad action(also of malware), too. Don’t think that this is the sense of an Security App.
The Game Mode rule also should learn the specific action, and not only wildcards, which can’t really be edited, cause then you will nearly block everything again, and the game crashes.
And treat an game as an windows System app would give it so much rights, that aren’t needed for a game.

I told CIS to treat the downloader as an installer or updater, which it is, and still encountered the problem. Wow patches come in two parts. First you get the downloader which downloads the patch through the bit torrent protocol as an exe. Then the .exe file patches the game. The process terminated twice and when I checked the logs it said that the downloader had been blocked even though I had told CIS to treat it as an updater. I told CIS in the first popup to treat the downloader as an installer/updater but when the second popup about connecting to the internet came up, CIS blocked it before I even had a chance to choose what action to take. The popup closed in a few seconds and so did the update process.

To get the patches, you have to start the game in the normal way and it senses when updates are present. Users always put the patch files on mirror sites but usually that takes hours or days after the patch goes live.

Treat As “Trusted Application” would give you the permissions your looking for…

I added Blizzard Entertainment to my trusted software vendors. That might keep the problem from recurring with the next patch. I’m really surprised it wasn’t already whitelisted seeing how it’s the most popular game around.

I’ve mentioned some of these well known companies to comodo but still no luck.

Would you really want to Trust everything a Software Company produces, just to play one of their Games? More over, would you really want to force everything that Company produces, on every user of CIS?

They may be completely Trustworthy, but it kinda’ sounds a bit like planting another ‘Default Allow’ seed to me.

I would prefer to add them manually myself. But that’s just my opinion.

I can’t agree. I have read that the goal is for CIS to become “granny friendly”. It will never achieve that goal without whitelisting all the known safe applications and vendors. So, would I want to “force” acceptance on all CIS users? I guess my answer to that is----yes. I would prefer not to have to do anything manually with known trusted apps and software vendors. When I look at the trusted vendors list that comes with CIS, my reaction is that it needs to be very much larger. I get very annoyed when I get a popup for something I know to be at least 110% safe. The less interaction I have to provide to my security suite, the better.

Not really, cause then everything is allowed as wildcards, and i have no oppportunity to edit them, cause i don’t know, what the game does.

Any vendor not currently listed in the Trusted Vendors list can be added provided 1) you have one of their programs installed on your system, and 2) the software is digitally signed.

That is exactly what I have done with Blizzard Entertainment. My point is, why should I have to with such a well known vendor?. I had to do the same thing with Valve which is another well known game provider. The program accepts everything from Adobe, Apple, Eset, McAfee, Google, and of course, Microsoft. It also has vendors in the list I have never heard of. Symantec isn’t even on the list and that is just as strange in my opinion.

Maybe the Vender List should be Displayed during the Installation. The ‘user’ could then decide which Software Companies he/she wants to mark Safe, by simply putting a Tick in the desired Check Box’s.

Check Box’s should also be accessable at:
DEFENSE+ > Common Tasks > My Trusted Software Vendors
(Instead of just the Add/Remove functions.)

I personally would leave them all ‘Unticked’, apart from ‘Comodo’ and ‘Microsoft’.

iMesh Inc’ should not be there by Default IMO.

‘Default Allow’ is bad!

Default allow is not bad for a well known safe provider. As I have said, I am in favor of a much larger white list and a program that will require no input at all from me when installing, accessing, or updating applications from these companies. As the whitelist grows, it would be (and probably already is) too much of a chore to manually select from it at installation.

There are different suggestions regarding this issue in the wishlist.

All of the Software Vender’s currently listed are, “well known safe providers”. The problem is; a lot of Spyware is deemed completely ‘legal’, but not “Granny Friendly”.