When will COMODO Internet Security have GAME MODE FEATURE?

When will COMODO Internet Security have GAME MODE FEATURE? In which it easy to play game and to ping others computer to play online game on the internet and most of all have a automatic port detect configuration feature? ;D :-TU


training mode for about 5 minutes into the game should work fine :slight_smile:

I would like a “Gaming Mode” Button or some sort though


When a pop-up appears while I am in Far Cry 2, it causes Far Cry to crash.
Very annoying.

A game mode should be added.
Or at least make it to be possible to add or rename Configurations.
(Without importing)

As Jacob has said above, Running the game in training mode for several minutes should get rid of any compatibility issues you have.

Note. You only have to run training mode once as CIS creates rules for those apps automatically.

In my opinoin it is a bit too complicated to put CIS to training mode. There should be some kind of game mode - at least for full screen games. It would be nice, if Comodo asks user for going to silent/gaming mode when some program attempts to enter full screen mode. Currently if you start game that has no FW/D+ rules yet in full screen and CIS asks for them, the game will totally freeze with black screen and only way to get a control again is to press reset button, which is kinda annoying. This happens only in case you forget to put CIS to training mode (happens sometimes…).

Then explain what rules gaming mode should apply so we know ^^

It’s as complicated as putting CIS in game mode! :smiley:

It would take the same amount of effort.

That’s why game mode should be put on automatically. Game mode should work as if Comodo was on training mode: allow&remember automatically. Antivirus should quarantine all found threats automatically or just lock them out and ask what to do with them after full screen program closes. After all, how would a malicious software slip to PC while gaming (and there’s AV running after all).

You could always press ALT-TAB and get back to the desktop and see the alert. 88)

This happens only in case you forget to put CIS to training mode (happens sometimes...).

You only have to run each game ONCE in Training Mode to get CIS to create rules for it. You don’t have to go to Training Mode every time you run a game.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Turning an allow all and remember automatically sounds like a recipe for disaster.

all gome mode should do is suppress alerts and stop any updates.

On my computer (Windows Vista Ultimate X64, CIS .509) the whole system freezes with black screen in case I forget to put CIS to training mode when running a game for the very first time. ALT-TAB and even CTRL-ALT-DEL have no effect at all. I’d like to call this annoying :-TD

To put CIS into ‘Training Mode’, you simply right-click the System Tray icon and select ‘Training Mode’.

If a ‘Gaming Mode’ was incorporated into CIS, I should imagine you would have to right-click the System Tray icon and select ‘Gaming Mode’.

Other Firewall’s have ‘Gaming Mode’ and you have to select ‘Gaming Mode’ every time you play a Direct 3D FX Game. CIS is different however; you simply select ‘Training Mode’ just once after you have installed the Game.

It would also freeze with a black screen if you forgot to put it in Gaming Mode.

Via a compromised/hacked Gaming Server.

Games are just as ‘exploitable’ as any other program. And many games require Administrator privileges just to run.

I will only ever play a Game online, that requires Administrator privileges, if I have just booted up the System (fresh memory) with Returnil’s ‘System Protection’ Enabled, and without any ‘Encrypted Drives/Partitions’ Mounted. After the game, I reboot the System to kill anything that might have got through.

AV might not be much use, but DEFENSE+ would! :-TU
(Providing its not still in ‘Training Mode’ of coarse.)

If you really insist on having a ‘Gaming Mode’, you may be able to achieve it here…

DEFENSE+ > Advanced > Predefined Security Policies.
FIREWALL > Advanced > Predefined Firewall Policies.

You have to put both, FW and D+, to training mode. And remember to put them again to their original modes after gaming.

As I said, the process should be automatic. When a full screen program is running, CIS would automatically go to gaming/silent/whatever mode. Obviously there’s no use for pop ups anyways “behind” the full screen program anyway.

This is why we have antivirus. Of course in gaming/silent/younameit mode there might be some kind of heuristic D+ still running and if it detects a suspicious behaviour, it would deny those suspicious actions or kill the process.

so a virus could just go full screen and bam your infected, remmeber the AV cant catch every thing.

The AV will not stop everything (it relies on already knowing about a threat). Defense+ does not require any such preknowledge to deal with threats.

If you wish a silent mode, turn off the alert notifications (this defaults to deny everything).

The best solution is to place the firewall and D+ in training mode prior to running the game the first time. Any subsequent gaming (with that game) will not require any action on your part.

Then it would change Modes almost every time I visit YouTube.

Defense+ doesn’t use Heuristics (unless CAV is Installed). It doesn’t need them. It works a bit like this…
(This is the simplest way I can describe it, sorry if it doesn’t make much sense.)

Default Allow

This Door Man works for the ‘Heuristics’ Night Club.

Imagine a Night Club Bouncer (Door Man) standing outside a Club, looking at the Behaviour of people queing up outside. He’s deciding which ones might not be safe to let in, and telling them to leave if he feels its nessesary.

Notice that he’s looking at the Guy (Winamp) at the back, when he really should be Stopping the Nurse (Rogue Anti-Virus) on the left.

Default Deny™

This Door Man works for the ‘DEFENSE+’ Night Club.

Imagine a Night Club Bouncer (Door Man) standing in the door-way of a Club. As people try to come through the door-way, he looks at his clipboard and checks to see if each person is on the list. Those on the white-list get through, those on the black-list do not. Those not on either list are ‘Stopped’ (Default Deny), and reported to the Manager of the Club (You)…

… You don’t have to respond to the Bouncer (you can safely ignore the Alert/Pop-up “behind” the full screen program) when he reports that person (program) to you. Your Door Man has taken care of the Security automatically. He won’t let that person in the Club if you do not respond to his Alert (Pop-up). Your Night Club (PC) is still Safe. :-TU

Yes, the person (program) might be a little distressed about being temporarily quarantined like that, but who cares? Your Club (PC) is SAFE! ;D

It is actually a bit more complicated than that, as the Defense+ Bouncer also has a list of Rules for what each person (program) on the white-list is allowed to do during their time at the Club (PC), but that’s another story…

That is the best simple discription of D+ i have ever heard.

Maybe there could be a way to set CIS to tranning mode only for The games exe’s and have CIS track a commands from the game the second time the game is launched it goes to safemode.

I don’t know what the fuss is about 88) You only have to do is once and that’s it 88)

The only thing it should do is be like the light silent mode of Norton. When you go full screen, Norton senses it and stops all updating and anything that might be scheduled. It continues monitoring everything though.

I play World of Warcraft every night and I never seem to have a problem with anything from CIS running. In fact,every time I exit the game, I get the balloon that the virus database is being updated. It’s like CIS already suspends things when you go full screen. Is it possible that this is already a part of the program?