When will COMODO have the option to ignore specific threat types?

In my facility I use TightVNC to control our company servers with. I Installed COMODO in place of Norton Antivirus, and was dismayed that, although COMODO sees the threat as “not.a.virus”, it STILL killed and quarantined my VNC installation, and Did Not give me an option to “Ignore” the detected files.

In the future, Will COMODO have a way to flag these non-threatening files as “Ignore” or “Don’t Delete”?


it has an exclude functionality.


Hey Ray,

If you open CAVS and click on SETTINGS - ON ACCESS SCAN - ADVANCED, you should see an option called “What items to exclude” with a select button. Click the SELECT button, navigate to the VNC folder, and select the files that were being quarantined.

I realise this is a bit of a “bum about face” way of doing things, and users have asked for the option to IGNORE to be added to the “on detect” options. Comodo are brilliant at listening to their users and incorporating their wishes (just have a look at the firewall wishlists and see how many user initiated ideas are now incorporated into the product), so I’m sure they’ll get around to this. I’ll be disappointed if they don’t becuase I think this is really core functionality in an AV/

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: