when updating is it normal to hang at 90%

first I want to say thanks to Comodo for this amazing software I’m also using Comodo Program manager and appreciate it a lot

now with regard to CIS,
whenever I update the signatures for the CIS it works very fast but then hang on the 90% at the “installing updates” section, it happens on my two computers just the same, it hangs for about 1-3 minutes, is it common?

also is there a way to add a file to the “behaviour blocking exceptions” quickly without having to go into all the menus and add it manually? that process is slightly tedious…

thanks a lot

It is applying database…

ok great to know its normal, what about my second question please? :slight_smile:

It’ll hang at the 50% mark and at the 90% mark. For the 1st 50% its downloading updates. For the second 50% its merging the AV update AV def segments into a volume shadow copy of the current AV defs in /scanners/bases.cav. Then at the 90% mark it applies the new AV defs, i.e., unloads the existing /scanners/bases.cav in memory, deletes /repair/bases.cav and moves /scanners/bases.cav to /repair.

At 95% it moves the new bases.cav file to /scanners. Then the updated version /scanners/baes.cav is activated and loaded into memory. The final 2% pertain to house cleaning, i.e., deleting temp files (the downloadeds segments from the intial 50%).

thanks for the detailed explanation of these procedures