When Updates are found, would like an option to Allow Updates or Not


This is about the daily updates.

Currently, CIS automatically checks for updates in a little while after you boot the machine and if an update is found, it automatically starts updating itself.

Though downloading the update doesn’t take much time, once the update has been downloaded, CIS takes nearly 5 minutes to update the files. And this is a very disk-intensive process!

I would appreciate (and I’m sure many others would, too) if CIS asked for permission before starting the update. I have noticed that many times CIS starts updating while I’m in the middle of doing some other disk-intensive task (for example, while I’m starting some application). So the computer starts doing both the tasks simultaneously, doing a little of this and a little of that. Not only does this slow down things even further, as the computer tries to do two things at once, but I guess this constant movement of the hard disk heads from one location to another is not good for the hard disk heads either!

Instead, it would be great if the program would ask before updating the files. That way, if I’ve just started running an application, I could wait till the application loads and then click on the Yes button to start the update. (I know giving users the choice may make CIS a little bit less secure, but if people don’t update their CIS often, it’s their funeral!)

Alternatively, if you feel giving the user an option would reduce the security, there is another option: Before starting the update the program should check to see if the hard disk is being used and it should start the update only if the hard disk is idle. However, I suggest you change the system tray icon (make it flash or something) during the update process, so that the user knows that an update is taking place. That way, the user would know whether it is okay to start some disk intensive process or not.