When uninstalling AVG...

Do you use the “Add/Remove” in your control panel or do you have to use the AVG uninstaller, yes, I’m thinking of hooks being left all over the place so when you install a new AV (Comodo, this instance) it does not tell you that you can’t run Comodo with another AV?

use add/remove → restart → use AVG uninstaller → restart again. Now you can install what you want.

Thank you much!!!

Well, after running the Control Panel to uninstall it, I’ll run the specialized tool to remove any leftover of AVG. Welcome to Comodo :slight_smile:

:-TU TY for the welcome.

When you talk of “specialized tool” do you mean like CCleaner?

No. I’m talking about AVG Remover that can be downloaded here: http://www.avg.com/download-tools