When to reset sandbox

How importanta it is to reset the sandbox if everythink seems to run fine? Resettin deletes quite a lot of things done while in Virtual Kiosk. What is your opinion how often should I reset it?

I do know that if you restart the computer all processes which were running in the sandbox will be removed. I’m not sure if closing and then re-opening the Kiosk does the same thing, but I believe it does.

However, doing so will not undo any changes which were made to the browser. Thus, although I am far from an expert on the sandbox, I believe it’s probably not necessary to reset the sandbox unless you are seeing problems with applications or something is wrong (or has been changed) with your browser.

All Kiosk process are closed/killed on exit (but not on switch to windows)

Despite this, security wise, it’s best practice to reset on each use, as you may not know if you have a browser-borne or other-program-borne infection.

It’s a trade off of course. Whether resetting on each occasion is worthwhile depends on to what extent you are placing yourself at risk of infection, and how important to you what you are protecting is.

Also on whether you are using the sandbox for risky activities followed by secure activities - eg browsing risky site followed by banking. In this case I would always reset.

In general, if in doubt reset …

Best wishes


And I has understoo Comodo av does not scan files and processes inside birtual kiosk. So you are very open to all kind of infections.