when the traffic monitor issue will be fixed ???


since version 4 I have problem with the monitoring of the inbound and outgoing traffic (on Summary page). There are no inbound and outgoing connections displayed (1) and the traffic is at 100% System (2) (look at screenshot)


Meanwhile the problem causer was found, it is the Comodo Driver “cmdhlp.sys” which is not compatible with Windows. I do have the modified file but when rebooting Windows needs to disable the driver signature. So Comodo needs to implement this new driver without disabling the Windows driver signature (words of Rick ■■■■).
But since that time much water runs and there is no movement.
So thatsway I write here again. I will attach the new Comodo driver + Instructions and you can test it too…

…and hopefuly you could help to solve this rare and uncommon but still a issue :-/

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