When the new version and safelist are available

We’ve been told several times that the next version of CFP is expected to have a much larger safelist (any guesses on when it’s coming out, by the way?).

When that happens, assuming you have that ignore-safelist-items thing ticked, are any formerly “manual” approvals which have been added to the safelist then cleaned out of the Applications Monitor list? I like to keep that list as trim as possible – by ignoring parent, for example, when I feel it’s probably safe.


v3 has a completely different structure to it; it’s not longer just ticking the box “do not show alerts for applications certified by comodo.”

There are several safelist options, including the user profiling their own system and declaring the whole thing safe. The HIPS side of the firewall has extremely detailed options about what each application can do, what can be done to it, and what exclusions apply to those rules. Also, the user-profiled safelist can be edited, and all rules can be edited. It does not seem to create any rules that the user cannot see, such as with the current version allowing svchost.exe but not creating a rule about it.


Will V3 have options to automate itself for people who don’t know as much as you guys (ie more automated rules etc)

It has several configurations for Global Rules (currently Network Monitor in 2.4) that will automatically create some default network rules based on the user’s needs - these can then be edited to precisely match what you want.

There are options to profile your system to create a user’s safelist of applications, which can then be used for both the firewall module & HIPS module to “Learn” your system. You can Learn All, Learn Safe Only, and so on.

Once you’re satisfied with the way it’s working, you can turn those levels up to generate more popups. So I think the answer is yes, there are more options for automation. I think you’ll like it.


cheers mate anything to make setting application permissions easier is welcome to me as I like it to be set and forget and then still having the ability to customize things at a later date