When the Internet Update will come?

When the Internet update from Version 3 to Version 4 will be Available? Are you guys recommending to uninstall Version 3 and install Version 4? ??? ??? ???

In my opinion (for what that’s worth) it is always smart to do a fresh install of any product (software) when going from version to version. (Version 3 to Version 4)

Posted in the V4 announcement thread:

Q2 - I am a CIS 3.x User. Will I get the updates? A2 - We haven't released the updates to the existing users yet. But we will. When we release, in the upcoming weeks, you will be able to update it without having to reinstall this new version.

Also, see this thread: https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/cis-40x742-next-update-t53385.0.html