When requesting file analysis, ncscolib.dll fails

When requesting file analysis, ncscolib.dll fails like this. I wonder why.


Windows 7pro CIS 2019

Could you post a screenshot with the UI of CIS set to English? Is this a Windows system file?

No Intel Lan Driver V23.5.2


Could you upload the file to Valkyrie and post the url to the report here? That way Comodo employees will be able to test with that specific file.

EricJH Does this screen say that it was uploaded?


No go to verdict.valkyrie.comodo.com or valkyrie.comodo.com and upload the file, but you can also attach the file here if it is not too big, otherwise upload it to a file sharing service and provide a download link.

futuretech Thank you. valkyrie.comodo.com If you searched with SHA1, it was under analysis.
verdict.valkyrie.comodo.com I uploaded it again.

Okay what is its SHA1?

futuretech SHA1 BAD5C4946F5111B39D96399BCD658FD8B938622A

EricJH The search for valkyrie.comodo.com SHA1 was under analysis. How long do thrive?

The time to perform an analysis is known to vary. It’s all I can say about it. We will just have to wait. :-\

Hi nobo,

Yes, this is known issue, it has been reported to the right person.

We are checking regarding BAD5C4946F5111B39D96399BCD658FD8B938622A.

Hi Metheni,

Thanks to you all disappeared from the list. Please do your best.
Thank you very much.