When is the next version planned release date?

Hi all,

I’ve been using the antivirus for a time and I had to uninstall it because of the many bugs it had. The fact is that it did not protect me against a trojan horse at all and I got infected. I was forced to remove it and install Avast! Antivirus to clean up the mess. I wish I could switch back to comodo antivirus, because it’s lighter than avast as soon as possible, but I can’t do that until a more stable for production version is released.

So the question goes: when will we have a stable version of comodo antivirus?

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CAVS 2.0 beta should be released any time soon. Comodo have found some bugs and are fixing these before the next beta release.

One of the reasons it CAVS 1.1 iss beta is becuase it does not have all the necessary definitions, so you need take take other security measures until it is stable.


Hi, you can go here as well. Don’t mind the Calendar, it’s Beta as well but many are waiting here if you would like to join in. :slight_smile:



I’m happy with Avast at moment and will wait for the final CAVS before installing it (or even a later version). I’m grateful for those of you testing out the betas, so I don’t have to LOL.

I don’t mind how long it takes because going by how successful CPF has been and basically proven unrivalled, CAVS will most likely do the same to AVs. Its not just another free AV, it will be way more than that.

The best takes time, but it’ll be worth the wait… (:WIN)

I feel like I have written this (:TNG)
Those are exactly my thoughts.