When is the Next Beta Release or New Stable Release?

I originally read somewhere in these forums a while back that there was going to be a release to replace the 1.1 on the main site on the 8th of Feb. It’s well past that now and I was just wondering when the next either beta release or stable release of CAVS will be available?

As ever I’m patient awaiting further development of this product. I just thought I’d throw this question out there to get an “Update” as it were.


Hi, I wonder when a Vista release might be coming…

Eric - AFAIK, they’re trying to make sure the product is ready for final release before doing so. I know it’s annoying to be delayed, but IMO better safe than sorry. Especially considering the recent issue of quarantining winlogon.exe… :wink: I have not heard any proposed dates recently since what you have already read.

Magregus - I have not heard anything about development for Vista. I know they’re working on CPF for Vista. My guess is that they won’t try to develop CAVS for Vista until they have a stable final release for the general public anyway. They’ll want to cover the first base before moving to the second.


Thanks for reply Little Mac. (:WAV)