When is the new version of CAV coming?

Hi Guys
Just wanted to get an update on CAV. When will it be out of the beta stage? I’m really waiting to see all of the improvements particularly the resource problem. To give you some indication I’m currently using Avast Pro and it’s running at about 18.2 meg. I hope CAV will get down to this as well. The CPF is simply the best and I’m not having one single issue with it. Love your work guys.

I think the plan is to have Version 2.0 out in early July (Fingers Crossed). That’s what I’ve heard anyway.


I also agree that u guys should look at the resource problem, using F-Prot today who must be the masters on using almost no resources 9MB all in all.
But I like to support a free alternative and so far u guys @ comodo seems to have the right spark here in the forums.
Another suggestion must be a simpler way of sending suspicious files to u guys, take a look at this web page how F-Prot does it, very simple and easy.

Maybe a link to a page like this from inside the program?

Keep up the spirit people@comodo and keep answering your “free” costumers and u will build a great community around your products.