When is the expected release of the new version of CIS?

People have been telling me that it will block buffer overflow attack and it sounds great but I’ve been waiting for weeks when people mentioned that it was going to come out soon.

So how soon is it going to be released?

It won’t be that long. Read the following: https://forums.comodo.com/beta_corner_cis/comodo_internet_security_3861948459_beta_released-t33533.0.html;msg243944#msg243944 .

Thanks Eric. Casn’t wait for the new COMODO.

Just to make sure the x64 version will be released on the same day with the x86 version won’t it?
Do we have to unisntall the older version or do we just need to run CIS update?

You can use the built in installer, which I guess answers your other question too. :wink:

They get released at the same day. Not sure whether another beta/RC can be updated by the updater. With tests build I tend to do a clean install. I will export my configuration before installing so I can import it again after the clean install.