When is new version between V3.9508 and V4 due out?.

Hi Guys, I know we have just about all downloaded the V3.9508,( No problems here) but, i like others am very keen to get a move on and i wondered if anyone has any info on the version between 3.9508 and V4.

I am especially interested in whats going to happen with the family signatures thing, and how it may improve detection?.


From what i know it will have a better signature for varients of malware

1 signature will be able to detect about ~23,000 varients of malware

(I think its this way) lets say COMODO makes a signature for ConfickterA it should will ConfickterB, and C and D and all files that have the virus even if not in the database. ;D
this is why the detection rate will go way up when it comes out. ;D

The first version after 508 will contain family signatures There is already worked on that. The new AV database format is ready for the family signatures.

I think family signature may make the signature count less. May be we should a sister thread about how fast the signature database gets more effective and smaller… ;D

Quote from: Lasse88 on May 08, 2009, 04:37:01 PM If everything goes as smooth as i can, when would CIS V4 then be released in beta?

by the year end is what we are hoping for, but this is just a guess (a wild wild guess). The full work is yet to begin on ver 4, some partial work has started.


Please see above quote from Melih’s message on May 08, 2009, 04:48:11 PM.
He wildly guess that CIS V4 will be released by the end of this year.